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Gaston Leroux's "Phantom of the Opera" has fascinated and inspired the world for over a hundred years... The story about the deformed Opera Ghost has been retold and reinvented in books, films and musicals since it first appeared in 1909.

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In 2014 the site phantomoftheopera.com hosted almost nine thousand discussion topics, or “threads” and members had made a total of over half a million posts in these threads.


See the site overview retrieved at the Internet Archive with the Waybackmachine... you cannot see all the threads, but these frozen moments in time give an idea of the range of subjects covered....

  • The Manager's Office
  • The Lair
  • The Opera House
  • The Silver Screen
  • The Chorus
  • The Angel of Music
  • Center Stage
  • The Maze of Mirrors... and more

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February 1999 - June 2014

"The fan site for Phantom in all its forms"

Once upon a time, there was an Internet site that welcomed fans of Phantom in all its forms, owned by Karin Willison and Christine Daaé. The domain name was bought by Andrew Lloyd Webber's company RUG in June/July 2014, and now serves as a diversion sign to the site promoting Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "The Phantom of the Opera".

The original story...

by French author Gaston Leroux


was first published as a serial in the newspaper "Le Gaulois" between 23rd September 1909 and the 8th January 1910. Gaston Leroux reworked the serial into a book published the same year. The first (abridged) translation into English appeared in 1911.


One of the retellings

of Leroux's story is the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" which was made into a film in 2004.


I will be forever grateful to Andrew Lloyd Webber for introducing me to the magical world of Phantom through his musical. It is truly "lightning in a bottle". The London production of the musical was my first step on a voyage of discovery, that has taken me around the world, into the catacombs beneath Paris and into the archives of the Bibliothéque nationale de France where I have read the story as it was written in the author's own hand....